Are you pregnant and attend public or private school?

Did you know, nearly 1,700 teens aged 15-17 give birth every week.

It’s everywhere you look!  Look over there! It’s a girl with her boobs hanging out!  And over there, another female shows off her butt and her under garments  are showing!  Boys get excited when they see these things. The problem is so many females, including adult women are presenting themselves in this very enticing fashion. Why?  Who knows?  One thing’s for sure is that the more visional females are, males see and they feel this sort of enticement, the more sexual encounters will prevail…along with their offspring’s. I believe females have the power to keep the male sexual emotions under control.  But what happens to relationships when today’s young dating females, who don’t mind turning up the “I’m sexy” dial, become pregnant?  They experience the pregnancy by themselves.  Teen Pregnancy has become a real epidemic.  I had my first child as a teen and it was hard to deal with.  Please don’t pressure one another for sex, pressure each other for fun.  If the fun lasts, the relationship will grow, so that intimacy when with the right person will be a onetime thing.  If not, you need help, then read Book 17; this is the next best thing to a condom. What’s your color today? A promiscuous couple finds out that waiting to make a family was much quicker than what they thought.

Teen Thrillers No.17

Teen Pregnancy

A promiscuous couple finds out that wanting to have a family was much quicker than what they thought.

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