Who’s watching you?

Will they get you?

Each year 4.5 Million of trafficked persons are sexually exploited.

A girl goes to the store to buy some household items.  She runs into an elderly woman who seems to need help with her car.  The girl follows the woman but only finds a man who assaults her and puts her into the car.  She was never seen again.  This horror story happens everyday.  People, especially young people are vanishing by the numbers.  You have to be extremely careful whom you trust, where you go and what worlds are capturing your heart.  I am hoping that my teleplay for “Teen Thrillers” will soon come to pass a weekly drama series much sooner than later so until then, read Book 14 Modern Slaves.  It will save your life, if not others.

Teen Thriller’s No.14

Modern Slaves

A dishonest college student finds out with her life that dishonesty can lead to dismemberment.

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