Millions of teens are becoming addicted to a new family adversary…pornography.

Every second, $3,075.64 is spent on pornography.  That means teen sex trafficking young people are becoming stars and homicide victims.

It is a $4 to $10 Billion dollar business.  Its workers are usually young people who grew-up in the industry.  Over $3,075.64 dollars is being spent every second; there are 29,258 users daily viewing pornography sites.  Where are our children going when they go missing?  Many of them will become porn-stars here in the US as well as other countries.  Many of these teens are students sitting next to you in class this year.  Due to the monies it brings in, the “Porn” industry is a very dangerous organization.  It’s all based on the use of lost lives and innocent hearts.  Both male and females are becoming victims of the porn-hunt.  Are you having a problem with pornography?  Do you know someone who is and doesn’t know how to help them, than read Internet Pornography – Book 13 and experience for yourself how porn will scorn those who were warned.  

Teen Thrillers  No.13

Internet Pornography

A teen realizes his nightly arousing habits has gotten out of control, so much that he attracts an evil whose taste for such things are irresistible.

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