How violent can this teen generation get?

In 2014, 501,581 young people ages 10 to 19 were treated in emergency departments for injuries sustained from physical assaults.

In recent reports, 750,000 young people were treated in hospitals for violent related crimes. At the beginning of each school year, school officials, especially teachers are wondering how is this year going to be?  What danger will I come face to face with? Will I be a victim of a violent assault in and outside of the classroom or will I be the one assaulting to simply protect myself?
Teens today are committing violent crimes; adults and teachers are afraid that they may become a victim of violence.  Students in schools in general, will have to be on the real watch-out for violent behaviors, for they can pop-up at anytime, any place.  Do you have a tempter? Have you ever been targeted by negative classmates?  What advice could you give us to avoid violence in the classrooms and hallways in your school?  Perhaps you could learn a little more when you read Book 20 – Teen Violence.

 Teen Thrillers No.20

Teen Violence

A school field trip turns out to be too bloody and deadly to get a good grade.

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