A 21st Century exciting school program for the modern Teen Edition.

Teen Speak Out

Teen Speak Out is the first after school event.  Its main focus is to allow students to speak out about issues that matters to them.

Teen Dream Day

Teen Dream Day  is the second after event where students come together and share positive ideas, goals, careers and dreams with other like minded students.

Teens Got Talent

Teens Got Talent is the last after school event where students compete with other students from different schools to win opportunities and awards towards aspirations being pursued.

What’s going on with teen world?

Teens Speak Out is an event where students in the public school system will come together with educators and local professional and celebrities to discuss ways in helping young people make better decisions.

What is your dream-life?

Teen Dream Day is an exciting event for students to come together and discover and share their current dreams and ambitions with each other.  It is Tee Edition’s belief that when two or more like-minded individuals come together, amazing things happens.

Teens Got Talent…every one of them!

Every Teen has got a talent and Teen Editions wants to help you discover and present them to the public.  For paid opportunities, demonstrations or just wanting to express yourself, Teens Got Talent is you being you.


C. D. Golden

This is the rest of your lives.   This is the time you need to fight for your future. It begins now! Tomorrow is just another day added to your age. Soon you will be full-grown adults, hopefully with so much knowledge to give and positive things to offer.  You must toil for that day when you can say…

I did it!

Teen Editions, the school’s staff and your loved ones are hoping that you will be the next generation who will be better than the ones before. You hold in your hands, history to be made. Based on your decision making each day a teen will be labeled as either a Teen Thriller or a Teen Edition. You are your victories and your disasters, the choice is entirely yours.  Every decision you make is leading you to either success or failure. Also, you are the building blocks for the youth of tomorrow. It is up to you to chisel your name in bricks that are being laid down for decades unknown. The pathway of your voice is now around you. So many of you have the same ambitions, now you can share those and help each other. Teen Edition’s main goal is to see that you are successful, famous, happy, content, influential, rich, married, home owners and leaders of this incredible country where you can be anything you want. 

By using this site’s information and features to your life, you are welcoming success and ruling out fear and failure. This is your best moment in life, for you are attempting to out do everyone before you, and you should. Life is meant to progress and achieve beyond the present stages of life and we are here to make sure you do by using every opportunity we can to secure your future and ours, for you will be our leaders, caretakers and teachers for tomorrow.

This is the rest of your life, meaning, what your mind sets itself on and does this day forward, will be the foundation of how you think, act and even pray as you make your way into hopefully college, employment, entrepreneurship, marriage, parenting and home ownership. The best of your life is yet to come and Teen Editions, your school staff and especially your loved ones will not stop until we all have done what our hearts leads us to do for you. Embrace this moment and remember and remember Teen Edition’s motto…

“Just because you’re a teenager, doesn’t mean you have to act like one.”

C. D. Golden

Creator of Teen Editions and Author of Teen Thrillers



Tell your school faculty about Teen Edition’s A10 Program.  Three exciting events on making your dreams come true.

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