My name is Teen Ager. I am a person having problems with life. So I came here to get some help. Are you like me?

Here on Teen Editions, I found that there are many other teens like me that need help with personal issues, but are afraid to seek help, and when they do, many times they end up back where they started.

Contrary to popular belief, there is help, the kind you can trust. Teen Editions found out that the best way for a teen to get real help is a place where teens are communicating about their problems,thus Teen Editions.

Here are a few ways you can find help and even help others.

  1. Go to the “Breaking Bad News” blog and begin to communicate about the serious themes and speak out.
  2. Go to the “School Tube’s” page and learn more about ways to interact and gain confidence in you teen world.
  3. Go to the “Teenlist” page and upload or search for “TV’s” Teen Videos on issues, testimonies and other helpful topics that can help you become happy and successful.

Also, below are special links for helping you cope with the many problems and issues teens are facing.

Each day a crime is committed and usually someone either sees whose doing it or knows something about it happening.  Don’t wait until the drama hits your home.

See something, say something!

Click here to tell someone.  Its easy, safe and the right thing to do.

Remember you’re working on Being The Next…?

Here is a important list of contact numbers you should have at all times. You never know when you will need one of them. Make sure you write these emergency numbers down and keep then close to you:

  • Emergency medical services: In most places this is 911, but your community may have its own number.

  • Poison control center: 1-800-222-1222. This toll-free number will put you in touch with the poison control center in your area.

  • Hospital emergency room (Locate the nearest one to you)

  • Fire department (Locate the nearest one to you)________________

  • Police department (Locate the nearest one to you)________________

  • Your and your parents’s doctor’s number_________________

  • A next door neighbor’s number, (one that you and your parents can trust)_____________

  • Veterinarian (if you a pet)__________________

  • Your Parent’s phone Numbers______________

  • Parent’s work Address ___________________

  • neighbors and/or relatives

  • pharmacy

Read Free Teen Thriller's Book

Read C.D. Golden’s thrilling book series, “Teen Thrillers.” Teen Thrillers is a book collection of 20 thrilling horror stories of teens making bad decisions and dying from them, it also informs the reader of the statistics relating the live style habit or influence.

The 1st book begins with a eccentric writer trying to find a good theme for his next book. When all of a sudden, the room began to fill with an erie midst and his worst fears stood before him…20 teens, dead zombie teens have come to entertain “The Writer” with their stories of how their bad decision makings led them to their deaths. A dark cloud with thunder and lighting began to fill the room and from the midst – DEATH himself to also offer “The Writer” an opportunity of a life time.  He offers The Writer to assist him in telling The Dead Teen’s stories. So that teens will not fall into his hands as so many overwhelming have already. The Writer takes on the offer and for the next 21 days the two realms come together for a summit for morality.

Click image to download



Its me Teen Ager again. Before you leave this page remember, you are never alone.

If you are experiencing any issues that are preventing you being happy or getting your dream off the grown, please feel free to contact us or any of the references we listed. Always first if you can, share your problem with your parents or gradian first, if not, then a family member, your counselor, teacher or someone you can trust. There is always someone you can talk to on Teen Editions.

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