In many situations bullying is just the result of the victim being better in some way than those who bully.

Did you know that approximately 160,000 teens reportedly skip school every day because they are bullied, and 1 in 10teens drops out of school due to repeated bullying. 83 percent of girls, and 79 percent of boys report being bullied either in school or online.

Bullies lurking in the corridors of schools and preying on innocent victims in your neighborhoods across the globe are terrifying teens each year. What happens when the tables are turned and the bully is now the prey?  Are you the bully or the bullied?  Either way, it’s a bad thing to be.  Do you have any suggestions that could help someone going through this terror? This book is filled with a shocking story of a girl who learned quickly that you can’t make real friends on a social network site without first loving yourself.

Teen Thrillers  eBook No.2


Read how a naive teen’s obsession for making friends turns deadly.

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