Incest for many kids, is a reoccurring event that has to be told. Your TE family family is listening.

Studies conclude that 43 percent (43%) of the children who are abused are abused by family members,

33 percent (33%) are abused by someone they know, and the remaining 24 percent (24%) are sexually abused by strangers.  Tell someone.

Each day an unwanted experience with family members takes place.  This experience is so immorally popular that you can find others doing it on immoral websites.  What is it?  It’s  incest!  Young people across the globe are suffering physically and physiologically due to incest. Are you experiencing it?  Need help?  Do you know of someone who might be involved in incest?  Tell us what would you do if a family member approached you with a disgusting offer.  If you don’t know what you would do, then read Book 12, it’s a real screamer! Teen Thrillers:  Book #12 – Teen Incest

Teen Thriller  No.12


A father’s love for his daughter is growing deeper…then she murdered him.

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