7 Days of Good Thought

Each day should have its own theme, let’s say a motivating word or phrase that reminds you of your goals or aspirations.  “7 Days of Good Thought” sub-labels each day of the week with one affirmation phrase or word.  Its part of a teen health system created by The Teen Edition’s team in helping young people stay healthy, Happy and wise.

Word Of The Week

This week’s affirmation word will help you build self-confidence and motivation towards your goals.  Remembering and share them is one of its benefits.

Song of the Week

Each week we post a song that we think based on the spirit of our members.  We hope the songs we choose will inspite you to work hard to achieve your goals.

Book of the Month

Each month we will select a book for your reading pleasure.   We will select books based on Amazon’s and a general search rating.  We hope you and the authors will find each other.

Movie of the Week

Each week we will select a movie that we think motivate and stimulate you.  Some movies will be appearing at your local theaters and others will be from your Cable, Satellite and Online carriers.    We hope you will enjoy our selections and we suggest watching with your family and close friends.

Music Video Of the Week

Each week we will select a music video that we hope will encourage you and help you feel better about your self.  Some selections will not be a hit or popular song so please don’t be discourages to listen.  We bet you will love all of the current and past selections we will post for you.

 Does each day of the week offer your dreams; life, motivation and stimulation?

Well try the “7 Days of Good Thought” and experience power in your days of the week.

Here’s how it works. The moment you choose to pursue a dream, positive goal or aspiration, used these daily affirmations to encourage and motivate you. The fun to this is that you are going to use word associations.

Say your goal is to receive an A in a particular class, or you want to make the football team or, you are pursuing an artistic goal or even, you are attracted to someone and want to catch their heart’s attention– for instance on Sunday morning or when ever you see the word Sunday or any other day of the week word, you could say…

”I am Designed for that A”, that “Team,” that, “gig”, that “contest” that “girl or boy.” Every time you connect any of these daily affirmations with your dreams and goals the days of the week become your reminder, your support system your daily helper in getting your dreams and goals off the ground.

What’s in your week?

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