Historically, idled minds are birthing-grounds for destructive mind-sets. Don’t know what to do with your life?  Well you’re on the right track being a Teen Edition’s member.  Now start dreaming, filming and posting!

Did you know that only 25 percent of American teens have summer jobs, the lowest percentage on record.  Are you planning on working this summer?

Some old folks say that an idled mind is the devil’s playground.  I say that a mind that’s not set on anything will be set for everything.  Too many young people are dying, being jailed and killed by just not having anything positive to do.  With all the social networks, chat rooms and blogs over the Internet, you would think that teens would have access to cool, positive and new things to do.  Teen Editions is obvious the place to be. However, until this website is complete in its full vision, you the teen will have to read my books and listen to wisdom that hopefully is surrounding you at home and in the schools you are attending. But, for now Book 7 will keep you headed in the right direction.

Teen Thrillers  eBook No.7


  A lazy boy finds out that falling in love with strangers cost him his life.

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