Vandals beware!  Karma knows no name.

Teens account an average of 42% of vandalism arrests each year.

Vandalizing is a terrible thing to experience for anyone.  Who wants to come home and find their home destroyed?  The walls covered with vulgar language, computers gone with all its history stolen, money that you and your parents have been saving was found and taken or your belongings were destroyed well beyond use.  Vandalizing is a crime and it will lead you to jail time.  Why destroy when you can build.  Have you ever seen a vandalized scene?  How did it make you feel?  Can you offer any help on how to stop someone you know who is planning on doing this sort of crime?  If you need any more help, information and insight on the crime called vandalizing, then read my book 19 and be encouraged to protect OPP than to DPP (Destroying People’s Property).

Teen Thrillers  N0.19


A party of three teens make fun of an unusual family who really doesn’t care as long as they can participate in the joker’s deaths.

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