Is Halloween becoming more deadly than tricky?

Violent crime counts on October 31 is about 50 percent higher than on any other date during the year, and twice the daily average.

One of the things Halloween goers do is to venture out to foreign neighborhoods and ask for candy. Others, on this Hallow’s eve will go to parties, get drunk and do crazy things.  But some are out to get particular treats and indulge in various tricks of crimes on the night of October 31st.   This year will it be you who will lose control?  Will this Halloween create in you a desire to do wrong instead of having good clean fun?  What was last year’s Halloween’s evening for you?  Did you get tricked or were you the treat?  Halloween is becoming a deadly day so if you don’t know what’s happening on this evening of the dead then you must read book 10 – Halloween crimes.

Teen Thrillers No.10

A young teen desperately wants to celebrate Halloween, but dies forgetting to protect his most precious treat in life.

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