Say this –

“I’m beautiful, talent and wise…the world needs to know me.”

“This world needs my genius and spirit.  Look no further than my dreams and talents for courage.”


If you are a victim, by all means tell someone important to you.

Did you know that 79% of young people that are exploited thru pornographic methods occurs in the home? Every second, $3,076 is being spent on pornography, 29,258 Internet viewers are watching pornography, 377 Internet users are typing adult search terms, and every 35 minutes, a new pornographic video is being produced in the U.S. Find out more on how you can help stop this terrible immoral lucrative business.  Do you have any answers?  Is there a way to help these kids before, during and after they are abused?  Read Child Pornography and see how to help.

Teen Thrillers  eBook No.4

Child Pornography

See how a teen creates artwork that calls upon buyers with no hearts and no souls.

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